Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Cooperstown It's Not....Yet

Lots of response about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame post (none of which included Randy Meisner, which we'll get to). First off, there's an underground effort to try to get Tim Buckley in, if only because Jeff Buckley is getting some major pub. Good clip here:

Mackenzie and I have talked about this clip quite a bit. Frankly, the boys in the band ought to thank Letterman when they're inducted, because as you can tell by this, Dave really gave the guys a forum. This clip is infamous for three things:

  1. Dave going on and on and wanting to talk to the band forever until they finally insisted on singing
  2. Michael Stipe literally hiding behind Dave during the interview because he was scared to death to talk
  3. This song was performed before it had a title on "Late Night". These days just don't exist anymore:

This is right out of Spinal Tap. Like Don King, if David Lee Roth didn't exist, we'd have to invent him. The best line is "...I can darn sure park my yacht and walk over." God would one of the networks just go ahead and televise this year's ceremonies for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? It's got to be a helluva lot more exciting than the Grammys!
Finally, maybe this has the makings of a Cooperstown. The Lefsetz Letter where he absolutely dissed Patti Smith has created quite a buzz. One of his readers sent a list of the eligible performers who are not YET enshrined in "Cleveland" but have a reason to be:
Big Star (should go in immediately)
Gram Parsons (thought he was in)
Alice Cooper (same, figured he was in years ago)
Kurtis Blow (is eventually getting there)
Patsy Cline (has to be in if only to hear Willie Nelson sing "Crazy")
Linda Rondstadt (she wasn't all Nelson Riddle)
Jeff Beck (not alone, sorry)
Neil Diamond (which was shocking to me)
The Zombies ("She's Not There" and "Tell Her No", but Wes Anderson would campaign big time if they don't get in within the next five years)
The Stylistics (Prince is somewhere nodding in agreement)
The Chi-Lites (as Tony Soprano says, "the best")
Chic (Niles Rodgers hasn't made a big deal out of this -- yet)
Badfinger (No, sorry)
The Faces (really? They're not in?)
Cat Stevens (how long can they hold this over him???)
Carole King (figured she was in 10 years ago)
Boston (Look, I don't need to hear "More Than a Feeling" ever again, but they should be documented at the very least)
The Cars (what was the old Letterman joke about Ric Ocassek and Paulina Poriskova giving hope to ugly guys everywhere???)
Chicago (as Larry David would say, "Ehhh")
Joe Cocker (Really, he's not in?)
Deep Purple ("Ehhh")
Dire Straits (one video does not a career make, and it's a video that doesn't even hold up)
Donovan (Wow -- yes, get him to Cleveland right now)
Doobie Brothers (probably can't figure out how to allow Michael McDonald in)
Genesis (probably can't figure out how to allow Phil Collins in)
Grand Funk Railroad (1st act to play the Qwest Center Omaha, that's probably going to have to be their biggest honor)
Heart (Cameron Crowe has the induction speech written and ready to go)
The Hollies (I'm sorry, you can't let EVERYONE in)
Jan & Dean (sorry, they weren't the Beach Boys)
Jethro Tull (Bret Saberhagen of Rock, which means they aren't getting in)
Journey (should probably be on the Pete Rose banned for life list)
Kansas (the Jose Canseco of Rock)
Kiss (I guess like Lee Smith in baseball, they eventually have to get their chance)
Steve Miller Band (even if you have a greatest hits album that was played ad naseum by college students from 1988-1991, you don't get a pass here)
The Monkees (thank you Michael Stipe)
Moody Blues ("Nights in White Satin" and....sorry)
Ted Nugent (other than "Cat Scratch Fever", name another Nugent song)
Rush (this isn't the CANADIAN Rock and Roll Hall of Fame)
Steppenwolf (if Dennis Hopper can induct them)
Styx (uhm, please, there's a reason Steve Garvey isn't in the Baseball Hall of Fame)
Three Dog Night (will never get in because all of their hits were written by other famous folks)
Yes (No)
Warren Zevon (is eventually going to get in posthumously, but never actually ruled the world)
B-52's (hmmm...Maybe the Jim Rice of the group)
Devo (just because you wore stupid gear in videos doesn't mean you get to be in the Hall)
Roxy Music (it's the Hall of Fame, not the Hall of Also Rans)
Todd Rundgren (should have been in YEARS ago)

Finally, lots of requests for some Randy Meisner, who not only sang LEAD on this song but also co-wrote it with Henley and Frey. Shortly after this, Randy would throw a beer on Glenn Frey's head (something we've all wanted to do), quit the band and move back to Scottsbluff, Nebraska. But damn this fucker had one great voice back in the day:


the awkward epiphany said...

jeff's not in is he...is there a chance he could make it in before his dad?

Anonymous said...

I think that the rock n roll hall of fame should take back Rod Stewart's hall of fame trophy (for completely turning his back on rock n roll for cheesy ballads) and give it to this dude!

the New York Neil R.O.C.K.S.!

ounisiki said...

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BSmokedTurkey said...

$5,000? No shit?

Those comments following the artists absolutley reek of Corey-influence.

Anonymous said...

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Charlene Komar Storey said...

No, Warren Zevon never ruled the world, but he should have. There is an effort by his hard-core fans to get him in (go to www.warrenzevon.com if you want more details) and there's some hope that the release of the bio written at his request by his ex-wife Crystal in May will help. But look at the HoF process -- nominees are named by a group of people anonymous to the public, with no set qualifications. It's amazing that anyone pays any attention at all. I'd like to say who cares, but this is a prize-oriented society -- just look at how people are ID'd in any newspaper story ("Grammy-winner" or "Oscar-winner" or whatever). Yet virtually everyone will agree that prizes are not necessarily connected to quality ("it's his turn" or "no one likes her, she's hard to work with" or "he'll never get one, he hit on Mr. Big's wife") or irrelevent in other ways (sure, so-and-so may have a Best Actress Oscar, but that may have been a pathetic year for lead female roles, and she might not have won a TootsieRoll in another year).

BSmokedTurkey said...

I'm not much of a Zevon fan beyond his greatest hits BUT: I remember talking to a Richard Marx fan who went to a concert where Warren Zevon was the opening act. Apparently, he was booed off the stage. That always seemed like an absolute travesty to me.

Mackenzie said...

Hey Smoked Turkey
AKA Stripper Hater, those comments were all Dirty Laundry...and for the record I think Jeffrey Lebowski said it best, "Come on, man. I had a rough night and I hate the fuckin' Eagles, man! "

BSmokedTurkey said...

Good to see you corresponding with the general public again, C-note. Done working on your off-braodway play with David Mamet, I presume?

I love all God's creatures, including the scantily-clad.

Mackenzie said...

That's correct and it has a perfect part for Sharon Ruth Bigelow who, unfortunately, still seems a no-show on Google searches.

BSmokedTurkey said...

Stan Lee: Aren't you the guy who was stalking Lynda Carter?

Comic Book Guy: The term is courting. (takes out a Wonder Woman doll and strokes it) The restraining order says no-no, but her eyes say yes-yes.

Anonymous said...

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