Monday, January 15, 2007

And Now Marlon Lucky is Ready To Get His Goose On (if He Were Maurice Clarett, Who He Most Certainly Is Not...)

...Unless he too likes to go to practice after drinking some Grey Goose.

Brandon Jackson idolizes Adrian Peterson so much so that he's also leaving school early for the greener pastures of the NFL.

"My decision was not based on the last game of the season," Jackson said in a prepared statement. "It was based on the opportunity in front of me to play at the next level in the NFL."

Yeah right. We all had a feeling that woozy New Year's Day when Marlon Lucky started at I-Back or whatever the hell Billy C calls the position now. I'm sure that four player running back situation played into his decision as well.

All I know is, here's a list of some of the other running backs available for the NFL draft, not including the aforementioned Jackson:
Adrian Peterson, Oklahoma
Marshawn Lynch, California
Michael Bush, Louisville
Antonio Pittman, The Ohio State University
Dwayne Wright, Fresno State
Jon Cornish, Kansas
Tony Hunt, Penn State
Darius Walker, Notre Dame
Kenny Irons, Auburn
Garry Russell, Minnesota

Personally, I think Jackson saw that "surprise" start by Lucky in the Cotton Bowl and figured he better get out because with Billy C, you just never know. Lucky is the last remaining 5-star recruit from that infamous 2recruitingting Class. He should be the featured back for the Corn next year, but guess who else is coming back? Cody Glenn and Kenny Wilson for just two. Plus the Corn have verbals from Quentin Castille, Roy Helu, and Marcus Mendoza, who I can only hope rushes for 200 yards one game and we can start the "Mendoza Line" for college football. That's a lot of backs looking for a lot of carries. And Billy C could use them all.

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