Wednesday, November 01, 2006

This Shouldn't Take 7 To 8 Years

Really great piece from St. Louis of all places regarding the current state of Husker football. But here's another take that is a lot more realistic.

Bill Callahan (or Billy C as we often refer to him here) didn't just blow up every possible bridge to Husker football past, he napalmed them. And because he did, we're just supposed to give him a SEVEN year plan to get his shit straight???

I'm sorry. This year, you know, 2006, the year in which Nebraska has already lost THREE games, was the year we were supposed to see some progress. All we've seen is a close loss to Texas -- at home -- something that Solich managed to accomplish with his worst team (the 7-7 2002 squad). It's time to stop saying that Frankie Solich had the program in such a mess that it's going to take 7-8 years to "restore the glory."


I've had it with that. God knows Frankie wasn't the best recruiting or even X's and O's guy in the world, but for crying out loud, he made incredibly drastic changes to his coaching staff following the 2002 debacle, including bringing in still sought after assistants like Barney Cotton and Bo Pellini, turned things around to go 9-3 in 2003...and he's the one who pissed all over everything? Guess what folks. Billy C aint going 9-3 this year. I don't even know if he goes 9-3 NEXT year.

Despite everything, I still understand the Solich firing. He probably would have kept things at a 9-3 level, but never gotten back to the winning national titles conversation. But come on, why do we CONTINUE to give Billy C a pass. Catch the latest news: Highly recruited tight end Justin Tomerlin has now been stripped of his 750 page playbook. How many recruits are left from that infamous Omaha World Herald spread from February, 2005? Seriously, isn't it officially time for Billy C to pick up the check? Enough already. Winning the Big XII North shouldn't be enough to put a smile on his smug face. The Holiday Bowl was something Solich could have taken the team to every year. Shit the bed against Missouri and then at Texas A&M, and you'll be lucky to get an invite to Shreveport, LA. Stop telling us that everything's fine and go out and win a few football games. I don't need to try the Kool-Aid again. I'll wait for whatever Solich has at those bars in Ohio.

It all goes back to the vacuum cleaner we bought back in 2005. It doesn't suck anymore. It's just really fucked up.

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