Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Nice Catch Matt

This is for Pat Daly, who should really be getting ready for some playoff baseball coming his way being that he works for the St. Louis Cardinals. Nine years later and Daly's still pissed off about this. After he pointed this out to me, I had to rewatch it one more time, and it holds up with age. Consider:

  • If the Corn loses this game, there's absolutely no final National Championship for TO. Pretty significant, considering that he announced his retirement about a month after this game.
  • The NU offense came back and tied this game with 1:02 left, no timeouts, and no Billy C WCO. Worth mentioning.
  • Billy C and his supporters bring up the 2005 Alamo Bowl as the wildest finish in recent college football. That game still has nothing on this one, which had much larger implications even though it was a regular season game. Consider: The Corn came into this game against Missouri ranked #1. They pull off the remarkable comeback overtime win...and the following week are ranked THIRD in the nation, mostly because the nation was having a massive love affair with Charles Woodson and Michigan. As much fun as it is to make fun of Husker fans, we'll never understand everyone's interest in the Wolverines that year.
  • In their respective Bowl games, Michigan barely got past Ryan Leaf and Washington State in the Rose Bowl, while the Corn absolutely destroyed Petyon Manning in his final game with Tennessee. And after that, there was STILL a debate as to who was the national champion.

And none of this would have happened if not for some 18-year old kid making the catch of his life to escape from Missouri.

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