Thursday, October 05, 2006

Memo to MLB

Here's a tip: Those Tommy Lasorda commercials that ONLY run during games on ESPN and FOX...Shouldn't those run during other shows? I mean, we're already watching the fucking post-season. You've GOT us. We're not going anywhere -- why not go talk to the people you don't have, you know, the people who the commercials are trying to get???

Why not run one of those advertisements during Grey's Anatomy, the most popular show on TV right now. Think maybe you might get a few more viewers if you talk to that audience? Maybe throw a few on during the college and pro football games this weekend? Or are you too embarrassed to show the world that the best spokesperson you have is the way past his prime Lasorda?

Why not just run a montage of the many stars who were at Tuesday's Yankee game, which represented all of the major TV networks and the film industry (and in Patrick Ewing, the NBA contingent). Post-season baseball is one of the most compelling television the sports ever has to offer. It's what makes October the best month of the year. You already have people like us and the rest of your cume, why not try to make that cume LARGER??? Advertise to those who aren't already compelled with the great post-season.

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