Monday, October 16, 2006

Is That a 750 Page Playbook in Your Pants, or Are You Just Really Excited About the Game?

I was going to put a stop on having "Husker Fans" comment on our blogs. But then again, it just exposes them for the small minded dumb ass simpletons that most of them are. God I wish people in this state could put together some sort of a semblance of a life that didn't revolve around a college football team. Either that or maybe some people need to get laid; or now with smoking bans in effect in both Lincoln and Omaha, everyone should just go out and smoke a cigarette. Hell, light up inside a nice restaurant. As Sharon Stone once famously said, "What are they going to do? Arrest you for smoking.

This is a nice photo of Kevin Cosgrove, who wants to make sure that he doesn't lose those defensive schemes anytime soon. This will just be one more thing to irk the fools of Husker Nation. It wouldn't be so bad if the majority of folks who leave comments didn't just out and out bore me to tears. It's a blog people. Go read Tom Shatel if you want constant Nebraska cock sucking. Here, we'll just continue to call them as we see them with no fear of what Stevie P and the muckety mucks think.

And for all of you who have wished me AIDS and a quick death, I will die, just not on your schedule.


Anonymous said...

I'll tell you what's boring, pardner, carping on a team after they safely cover the spread, ON THE ROAD, IN OCTOBER. We all know you're trying to create a little sizzle but this dog don't hunt. Just wait until they get demolished by those fellas from Austin next week...then you can stick all the hot coals you want up the dwarf's a**. In the meantime, maybe you should talk a bit about ESPN 2 letting the director of "American Graffitti 2" take over their 360 coverage of the Auburn game. I watched 5 minutes of that and felt like Jeff Lebowski after the sheriff of Malibu threw the coffee cup at his head. "Fucking fascists."

Anonymous said...
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Dirtylaundry said...

Until Mackenzie can come correct with a blog of his own, I'm posting a new picture of him dressed as Kermit THE Frog and going on and on about how he wants to write about how Kathleen Sorensen was murdered by devil worshippers and how badly he wants to engage in sexual congress with Ellie Nockes.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the comments about Billy C tanking the 2004 season (which I agree with)?