Saturday, September 23, 2006

Shatel didn't really write that, Did He?

I think it's safe to say that this is in no way shape or form how most in Nebraska would like to be represented overall. Seriously, why was this column even necessary? This all goes back to when Woody Paige, before he pissed off an entire nation on "Around the Horn", was in Colorado and would make the week before the NU/CU game his platform to personally attack what a BOR-ring place Nebraska is, only to rile up all Husker fans who were making the trip to Boulder even more pissed off.

Can't we all just agree that every place has nice people, but there are also plenty of douchebags and bad people just as well? For every Nebraskan who has "a way of charming you to death, with their honesty, sincerity, values and their passion", there are just as many -- like every other state -- who have a way of making you want to throw yourself in front of a bus with their stupidity, racism and shallowness. Do we really need to read about how Nebraskans are all proud to be "hicks"? Is this needed? The Beach Boys gave this entire era love over 40 years ago bragging about "the midwest farmers daughters". Do you think Billy C is going to bring a copy of this column with him when he goes back to Cali or down to Florida for recruting purposes?

One time in New York -- where you can't tell somebody the city or town you're from, you literally have to say, "Nebraska" -- I asked a native New York woman who she thought the most famous person from Nebraska was, thinking she might say Bob Gibson (being a passionate baseball fan) or even Willa Cather or Johnny Carson. Her response? Charles Starkweather.

Let's just agree that Nebraska is not some island or alien state off in it's own little place in the center of the country. It's just like anyplace else, there are just as many great people as there are pricks. There are reasons people spend their entire lives in great cities like Omaha, and just as many who when they grab their diploma after graduating from UNL can't wait to see Nebraska in their rearview mirrors.

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BSmokedTurkey said...

Gosh, we're good people around here. Ethically and morally superior in every way. Sounds like a Pete Ricketts ad campaign.

Once again, love that OWH-bashing.