Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Nobody Can Overlook Anybody (Or The Most Recent Case for Most in the Nebraska Media Being Complete Buffoons)

After the Labor Day weekend, Husker Nation woke up and realized that not only does USC have a new quarterback who goes by three names, OJ Simpson's alma mater streamrolled over Arkansas 50-14 on the road, and most importantly, Pete Carroll has TWO WHOLE WEEKS to prepare for THEIR home opener. You know, against Nebraska.

The latter does not bode well for the Corn, as Carroll with time on his hands can come up with a way to absolutely destroy an opponent (remember what they did against Oklahoma in the national championship game two years ago???). So this made Travis Justice, a local TV sportscaster who has now had his own little radio program for over a year, suggest that maybe Billy C and crew should maybe just watch a couple of Nicholls State tapes and fully start preparing for the Trojans now. The simple thought that Carroll and company have the next 12 days to do nothing but get ready for Nebraska's first trip back to Pasadena since.....uhm, they got white-washed by Miami in the 2002 Rose Bowl...almost seems frightening.

Which I guess is what Colorado did while preparing for Montana State, just look at a few home movies and really focus on Colorado State.

This isn't suggesting that Nicholls State is somehow going to walk into a sea of 85,000 red folks and run out with a 19-10 win, but my God didn't that Colorado debacle teach ANYONE anything? You never freaking know. There were plenty of open receivers on Saturdays Husker win, and there were also plenty of dropped passes. The Corn can (and most likely will) treat this week's game like a practice, but nobody better forget the fact that it's an actual game, and there'd be nothing like a Nicholls State to take a nice big old shit all over that brand new big screen in the north end zone to bring the entire season to a big crash in a big old hurry.

The good thing about Billy C is that I think he gets this. Remember, it was only last Friday when he busted out with his Rocky Balboa comparison about Louisiana Tech. Plus this nut does nothing but plan and prepare, and I'm sure midway through the 3rd quarter on Saturday, Billy C will be contemplating "Taking what he wants" in regards to USC. This guy has his kids come back and practice right away on SUNDAYS, a concept that was unheard of under previous Husker head coaches. Just like USC is treating Nebraska just like any other game, the Corn just better have everything in place come Nicholls State time.

It's a game they're supposed to win, and more than likely will very easily. After that's in the books, then you can start talking about Pete Carroll and going to California with an aching in your heart and the thought of seeing Will Ferrell on the sideline. Chances are though that Ron Burgandy only shows up for the national championships games. Because a home opener against Nebraska is a game that USC is supposed to win, too.


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Anonymous said...

Travis Justice is a Creighton homer that really knows nothing about sports, so at least you realize how stupid he was to say that. I would probably say he's the dumbest sports media type in the whole state of Nebraska.