Sunday, September 17, 2006

Husker Nation Reacts

I knew the over on text messages I'd receive after last night's game was going to be at 20 no matter what the outcome was. OK, it would have probably tripled that if somehow the Corn shocked the nation. Some of the more predictable ones (don't worry, I'll spare "u" the text shortcuts in writing them out):
  • "Great play calling last night Coach Solich."
  • "They ran the ball on EVERY FIRST DOWN."
  • "I don't know how the game turned out, all I could see was a Doppler radar screen and ominous clouds on the channel the game was supposed to be on."

Let's get one thing clear: There was no snowballs chance in hell that Nebraska was going to win that game. Like me, Deadspin was waiting for a colossal blowout so that they could "laugh at Callhan" just like we were prepared to do here. Deadspin actually called the Corn "a pretty solid team". We won't go that far yet. Even Billy C agreed it was "no moral victory, it was a loss."

I always thought that back in November, 2003, Steve Peterson looked at this very game on the schedule. He stared at September 16, 2006 and thought that there was no way that an entire Husker Nation would make a trip back to the coliseum and see an embarrassment similar to the 2002 Alleged National Championship. Which is exactly what would have happened if Solich coached that game last night. Then you really ARE talking about that shitstorm 70-10 Texas Tech disaster.

Anyone who's spent anytime reading these blogs knows how badly I want to just carve into Billy C in the worst way. The bottom line is they just couldn't run the WCO the way it's supposed to be run against that talent the Trojans have on defense. Nebraska doesn't have an offensive weapon anywhere close to Dwayne Jarrett, who if he keeps this up is a legitimate threat to win USC's third consecutive Heisman. (Billy C called Jarrett a "monster" by the way, and I don't think he meant the Monster Charlize Theron played in the movie of the same name.) I know the Corn only threw the ball 16 times (17 if you count that fake punt), but USC held on to the football so long in the 2nd half that the NU offense rarely got on the field. Hell, the Doppler Radar got more screen time than Zac Taylor.

Nebraska lost a game by the score of 28-10, and by my count it was dangerously closer to being 45-10 but USC had a few too many penalties -- 7 for 46 yards. Nebraska just doesn't have those fucking horses that USC has. Hell, I was almost more jealous of the SC hotties they kept showing on the screen in the first half.

The text message I wish I would have received was the quote from Billy C at the end of the game. "We are closing the gap with USC, but we still have a long way to go." That pretty much sums up the state of things. Give the guy this for credit: He realizes that USC is the gold standard. He spent years in California, I'm sure he recognized this much early on. Maybe it's a pipe dream to have what they have. But remember, Osborne saw it with those Florida teams in the early 90's, that they were loaded with all of that speed and figured out he better get speed guys and get them fast. Unlike Solich, at least Billy C can see what makes the rich richer.

The first blog ever on this site mentioned that we actually WANT to see Billy C work at Nebraska. We just wondered if he had a clue. He's learned a few things over the past three years, even we'll give him that. He may or may not be the answer. But for Chrissakes people, if we know anything, we sure as hell know now that it wasn't going to be Solich.

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