Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Callahan Still a Clown, But...

Billy C certainly doesn't do himself any favors at his weekly pressures (he controls that damn room, he should really just get everyone directed towards Troy already). If there's one thing we've always given him ample credit for, it's his salesmanship. How from February - August, nobody can sell shit like Billy C. As a master salesman, he should know better than to continually rehash or even take questions about USC. The great coaches now how to be subtle about this. Hell, it's not like he needs to go all Bob Stoops on everyone because a bad call cost him a game!

At any rate, if you still enjoy getting your Husker news outside of the mainstream, this guy always offers great insight after a disappointing game. And wouldn't you know it, he agrees with us, although we don't know what an albatross that Collisium was because we didn't see it in person. But damn does that KETV have a great looking Doppler Radar screen.

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Mac G said...

are you serious about this C Mustard guy? He writes like a 5th grader. He has about as deep insight as BillyC had into his playbook on Saturday. Keep up the good work, love your blog. Your post on husker fans wearing their gear everywhere was dead on. I forwarded it on to my friends, who goes, dont forget, only Nebraska fans wear their stuff to nice restaurants. So true, GO Skers.