Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Is "Typical Husker Fan Response" a cliche?

Well, let's just say I certainly didn't tend for this to become some sort of Husker blog to say the least.

I was hoping that there might be some in the Stevie P dubbed "Husker Nation" who wouldn't mind reading a more realized (read: non-partisan) view of what's happening with the Nebraska football program. If you go back and read my previous post, you'll clearly notice that I begin and end it by saying the same thing: I WANT Billy C to work out at Nebraska. Hell, I even said that I HOPED Callahan wins the Big XII North and gets at BCS bid. But Deadspin summed everything up with one simple headline: Is it perhaps time to wonder if Bill Callahan has the slightest idea of what he's doing? Which is EXACTLY what I was trying to say.

I'm encouraged at some Husker fans who welcome questioning of the program and the one man who, let's face it, is in charge of perhaps the most viable entity in the entire state. And no, Billy C does not "just" have to sell the program to players -- he has to sell his entirely new brand of football to Stevie P's Husker Nation. He has to sell the program to sportswriters, who by the way have some sort of influence on the AP poll that comes out week-to-week. That's the ONE part that Callahan gets. He knows he has to sell the program to boosters, to influtential business owners, to even restaurants like Jerico's (go visit that great place sometime not just for their incredible mood, but to see all of the memorabila Billy C donated) and the lounge's like the Green Onion, known for making the stiffest drink in the midwest. He knows he has to sell the media, so that USA Today can do a cover story on his bringing the West Coast Offense to Nebraska (which they did in August, 2004). He has to get the ESPN Gameday Crew and other sportswriters excited about where Nebraska is "going". And like it or not, he still has to convince the stubborn Osborne and Solich camps, who are still frustrated that somebody from outside "the family" has taken over the football program. And if you haven't noticed, as late as last year, it seemed that Billy C the salesman publicly got Osborne in his corner at well attended event in Omaha.

Folks, 4-5 star recruits who everyone immdiately annointed as saviors are now LEAVING the Nebraska football program. By this time next year, two of our former quarterbacks could be starting for North Carolina and NC State respectively (not that either of those schools or football powerhouses, but still). This is not unlike Callahan's final year of Oakland. It's anyone's right -- hell, especially die-hard Husker fans -- to question whether or not "Coach" Bill Callahan has the makings of being a head football coach. And we don't know that.

I'll say it again: I WANT BILLY C TO WORK OUT! And I did say in the last post, I hope he goes 10-2, wins the Big XII North....read it again.

If you want spoon fed readings on things that site nothing but positive spins towards the Nebraska programs, by all means, stick to the Omaha World Herald and Lincoln Journal Star. Truth be told, the majority of their writers are too afraid to write anything that might offend the "empire" for fear of being banished from any practices or press conferences. Huskerpedia will periodically during the football season offer decent and entertaining information without worry of pissing off an NU Regent or two. Hell, Steve Sipple has been on local sports radio stations questioning some things that he won't dare write in the Journal Star. During the season, I'll certainly offer what I see, good bad or ugly. But my postings certainly aren't going to be limited to Husker Football or Husker Nation if you will. There are definitely a lot more relevant things going on in the world that I'll offer my honest opinion on. But boy doesn't a Stevie P blog sound like a lot of fun...

All I'm saying is that we have no legitimate proof that Callahan can be a even a good head football coach. And for those who seem to think that Solich left the cupboard bare after his unusually timed dismissal, you're not enitrely wrong. I was never in Solich's corner, but he "left" Nebraska with a decent winning percentage, coached a Heisman Trophy winner, coached in a National Championship game (even though getting to that game was a head scratcher to say the least), and also took a team to a BCS bowl, beating a decent Tennesee team. But my God people, we've gone from the dominance of Devaney and Osborne to a guy with really no true proven track record. Billy C remains the first guy I'd hire if I was putting together my sales dream team. Until we see proof on the field, he can always take solice in being Solich's designated driver someday.

And for those of you upset at the TO/bible references: God really doesn't care if Nebraska wins or loses on any given Saturday.


H8TORADE said...

Nebraksa sucks. The Team. The State.

any questions?

Ayman said...

Big Red will win it all this year!

another husker fan said...

refreshing commentary.

Anonymous said...

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